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selection from "Eloquence of Stupidity"  (2019-2021)

there is no final victory only.jpg

(there is no final victory only perpetual counterpoint) feb.2020

( introducing Doodlewanker) aug.2020

doodlewanker searching for perenial trut

( Beauty and the abstract truth) oct. 2020

Beauty and the abstract truth.jpg

(Doodlewanked and pussygrabbed) nov.2020


(The temptation of meaning) feb. 2021

the tempation of meaning.jpg

Selection from " Excrescences of Divine Procacity  (2018 - 2019}

excrescence of Divine procacity 1.jpg
excrescence of Divine procacity 2.jpg
the last goodbye  jpg.jpg

Selection from " Philosophical Constipations


drawing of a lower level emanation of Divine consciousness projecting an accessible physical manifestation of its elusive spirituality to the even lower levels of Being, explaining to them in simple language the meaning of beauty and suffering.

Deliberation of intend or Landscape of sad Erections

a landscape of sad erections.jpg
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