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Oliver Neumann is a cartoonist.
Despite the fact that his drawings look like having been produced under the influence of heavy drug abuse while listening to music by bands with very cryptic names, he is actually a very conservative and timid person whose love of pop music is confined to the kind of cheesy easy listening music from the 60's and 70's that will be used by some very clever movie directors as an ironic counterpoint to underscore some horrifically murderous slasher movie scene . 
He believes in intelligence and humor. 
Intelligence because it is an instrument of inquiry, and humor because it is the most graceful admittance of its defeat.
He is interested in things that can be neither proven nor disproven like God or extraterrestrials.
He reads a lot of books but has never taken an I.Q. test for fear of finding out that he is way less intelligent than he would want to be.
His favorite artists are : Peter Saul, The Chicago Imagists, Robert Crumb, Friedrich Schroeder Sonnenstern, Albrecht Duerer


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